Report on marriage ceremony

You are Salma or Shamim. You attended a marriage ceremony quite recently. Write a short report on it. 


Shamim, MOHAMMADPUR, DHAKA, December 29 : The marriage ceremony of my cousin came off on December 22, 2020. The wedding look place at Party Place Community Centre, Dhanmondi, Dhaka. Nearly 500 – 600 guests were invited to the ceremony. I also invited some of my intimate friends and thus the programme was a happier one for me. 

My cousin, an electrical engineer from BUET is working as computer consultant in a computer firm. The bride is a student of English from Eden College. At 7:30pm we went to the community centre with the bridal party. The groom was wearing traditional sherwani. The bride wore a red sari. She was looking like a red rose in her red sari. It was a fairy tale wedding. Our party was accompanied by a group of musicians playing the drams and the flute. The bridal party was welcomed amid flowers. But before the groom entered he had to pay an entrance fee amounting taka 10,000.00 Then came the food. We were first served with light dish. In the dinner, we were served ‘biriyani’, rezala, salad, borhani and jarda polao. 

However, before there the marriage was solemnized by a Kazi. At 1:30 pm, we took the bride with us. Then, there prevailed a sad scene in the centre. The relatives of the bride blessed the new couple with tear and sorrow. 

I enjoyed the whole occasion very much. The persence of my friends in the party made it more enjoyable. 
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