Report about Ekushey Book Fair

Suppose, you are Abir Hasan, a reporter of a reputed daily. Recently you have visited a book fair in Dhaka. Now, write a report on it. 


Abir Hasan, Staff Correspondent, DHAKA, February 2 : I along with my closed friend Shaila went to visit the Ekushey Book Fair hed in the Bangla Academy premises. It is about a month long book fair that attract the attention of book lovers all over the country. 

We went to the fair on the very day of its inauguration by the Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina. After the Prime Minister and his companions had come out of the fair, we were allowed to enter. 

This is the biggest book fair of the country. There were many book stalls in the fair. There were also fast food shops and shops displaying beautiful showpieces. 

The book stalls were filled with books of various interests. There were story books, comics, novels, computer books and so on. I bought “Balaka” and “Sanchaita” by Rabindranath Tagore. Many spectators and book lovers were visiting the fair. A lot of young children and teenagers crowded the fair. 

We had some snacks and enjoyed some songs sung by some special singers. The environment was very noisy but enjoyable.
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