Report about an extra-ordinary teacher

Suppose, you are Munir, a student of a govt. college. You have been asked to draft a report about an extra-ordinary teacher who is also favourite to you. Now, prepare a report about an extra-ordinary teacher. 


Munir, Dhaka, August 20 : Mr Abul Basher is my favourite English teacher who has an extra-ordinary quality. He is an M.A in English from Dhaka University. He presents his lessons in a very simple and easy way. He makes the lesson interesting through his presentation in a way that every student participate in learning. In fact, he adopts communicative method in the classroom. Thus, the backward students get benefited from his lectures. He, however, keeps good relation with the students. He is by nature supportive, friendly and very very helpful. 

He is also well behaved, sincere and polite in his manners. He is popular with the students as he deals with the co-curricular activities. He is interested in developing the potential of the students by encouraging them in extra-curricular activities. He also works as our game teacher. 

Of many qualities, I admire him because of his sincerity and professional integrity. He is very responsible and sincere about teaching. It is his integrity that bars him from teaching students privately. He is, in fact, an ideal teacher as well as my favourite teacher. 
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