Report on frequent traffic jam

Write a report on the problem in traffic jam in our locality bringing out the causes, effects and possible solutions. 

Or, Suppose, you are a reporter of a reputed daily. Now, write a report on frequent traffic jam. 

Or, Suppose, you are a reporter of a daily newspaper, and you have been asked to make a report on the traffic jam. Write a report on it. 


Mithila Farzana, Staff Correspondent, DHAKA, April 26 : Traffic jam is a great feature on the roads and highways of Bangladesh. Rickshaws contribute to this problem to a greater extent.

Traffic jam is a very common picture on the roads of Dhaka city. It is a very populous city as well as the city of traffic jam. The traffic jam in this city is mainly caused by thousands lf rickshaws plying on the busy roads. (There is a reason behind increasing rickshaws in this city. People in the rural area do not have work. They come to the city in search of livelihood and take rickshaw pulling as a profession. Thus, their numbers are increasing rapidly in the city areas. They do not have any knowledge about traffic rules and they pack rickshaws anywhere they like.) This leads to a serious traffic jam. Secondly, water clogging on the roads, lead to traffic jam. On the other hand, poor driving, reckless parking alongside pavements and unhealthy competition among drivers of buses, minibuses, tempos, trucks, etc. are cause traffic jam.

Traffic jam makes us waste our valuable time. It hampers our works. It also makes us undone in emergency need of movement.

To solve this problem, traffic rules should be strictly observed and unlicenced rickshaws should be banned. Training programmes for drivers can be arranged to make them aware of the traffic rules. Besides, there should be strict regulations on distribution of driving licence. (More employment opportunities have to be created.) Moreover, roads should be reconstructed spaciously for smooth plying of the traffics. Unhealthy competitions between drivers have to be checked. Pedestrians should also be made conscious of traffic rules. However, the authority concerned must enforce strict traffic rules and their violation must meet serious punishment.

The opinion of different persons often is to introduce more buses, minibuses and tempos for relief of the commuters. But they avoid certain important issues. The urban roads are grossly inadequate for any addition of the existing transport fleet. The overcrowded streets are gradually becoming narrower because of encroachments by hawkers and floating destitute whose members are increasing day-by-day. Unless this problem is solved immediately, any attempt to increase the fleet will be futile. Any solution to Dhaka’s transport problem depends on two things : a check on growth and inflow of the destitute and construction of more traffic-bearing roads.
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