Report on minor earthquakes

Chittagong and its adjoining areas experienced three minor earthquakes. Write a report on it.


Faruk Al-Amin, District Correspondent, CHITTAGONG, January 7 : Chittagong and its adjoining areas experienced three minor earthquakes today in six hours, seismic observatory centre sources said, says BSS. 

Earlier report said the tremor was felt at Kutubdia Island of Cox’s Bazar district today. 

The first “very minor category tremor” lasted for only 11 seconds begining 12:46 minute and 51 second BST (Bangladesh Standard Time). The magnitude of the tremor was 2.79 in Richter Scale and its epicentre was 90km from Chittagong sources said. 

The second tremor measured at 2.79 in Richter Scale, jolted Chittagong and its adjoining areas at 1:35 minute and 6 second. The mild tremor also lasted for only 11 seconds and its epicentre was also 90km from Chittagong. 

But the third earthquake was a bit dangerous as it affected minimum of twenty houses in Chittagong city. Among all the affected houses, the condition of three houses was very deplorable. Luckily, these three houses were not used for human living. Those houses were in fact used as storerooms of some big companies. So, all the goods were totally damaged because all these houses collapsed at the time of the third earthquake. 

Earthquake is a natural calamity in Bangladesh. So people should be aware of the precautions they need for such dangerous situation. At the same time, the government also should train people to face such problems and disasters in the country.
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