Report about day-before observance of Ekushey February

Suppose, you are a reporter of the Bangladesh Observer. You want to cover a report about observance of Ekushey February which will be held on tomorrow. Now, write a report on it. 

Observer report-

Asif, DHAKA, February 20 : Tomorrow will be on the 21st February, the International Mother Language Day which will be observed with due solemnity in Bangladesh. The day will also be celebrated with festivities all over the world. 

It is national holiday in Bangladesh. The day is observed in a befitting manner in our country. On this very day, people wake up early in the morning. They put on black badges on their clothes. they walk to the Shaheed Minar on bare-footed early in the morning. They go there to show respect to the language martyrs. While walking to the Shaheed Minar in rallies, they sing the famous song “Amar Bhayer Rokte Rangano Ekushey February, Ami Ki Vulite Pari.......” They remain standing before the Shaheed Minar in silence and show respect to the language martyrs. Some enthusiastic people offer wreaths of flowers to the pedestal of the Shaheed Minar. 

Some people also go to the Azimpur graveyard to pray for the salvation of the martyred souls. Various Milad Mahfils are also held where people pray for the salvation of the departed souls. 

On this very day, the students of different educational institutions arrange meetings and seminars to talk about the significance of Ekushey February. In the discussion, the speakers remember the great sacrifices of Salam, Barkat, Rafique and Jabber in the year of 1952. These people are always immortal in the hearts of the Bangalees. Sometimes, people also arrange a week-long or month-long Ekushey Book Fair in the important cities of the country. The readers of different ages come to the Ekushey Book Fair to buy the books of recent publications. In these kinds of book fairs, books on liberation war and freedom fighters are also sold with special discounts. This is how Ekushey February is observed throughout the country with due solemnity.
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