Paragraph : The Qualities of my Close Friend I Admire Most

The Qualities of my Close Friend I Admire Most

I have found some extra-ordinary qualities in one of my close friends Jony. Modesty, smartness, sincerity, sense of humour, and altruism are the glaring aspects of his character. I like these virtues because of their tremendous power of influencing other people. If anyone lacks such qualities, he/she will never adjust himself/herself with the changing of the world. Of all the qualities, sincerity and altruism are the best which can adorn any life with distinguished marks. Most of the people we interact with in our daily life are selfish and greedy. But Jony is the man who does not work for getting any return, works simply for the betterment of friends, relatives and other people. I have developed (learnt) sincerity from him. As ‘sincerity’ brings good result in every walk of my life. Nevertheless, I am lacking some of the essential human qualities which stand on my way of developing personality. When something funny events happened, we could not but laugh, even in a formal environment. Like me, young people of this age have some negative qualities. The satellite channels, and the fast moving world influence them so much that they are becoming rude and unfriendly day by day. They prefer outward show rather than the inner human virtues and qualities of a man. I think, preserving and practicing the values and principles is the possible way to save or protect myself and other young persons from the bad influence or negative qualities.
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