Composition : Bribe, An Illegal practice

Bribe, An Illegal practice

Bribing means offering money to someone to get a thing done illegally. It leads to corruption (দুর্নীতি) that pollutes the entire atmosphere of an office or an organization. As a result of bribery and graft, the most competent (উপযুক্ত) persons are deprived of their rights. Due to bribing, administrative corruption hinders the creativity and innovative faculty of government officials. Then it is difficult for the state to go on with its normal speed. It an officer can establish himself or can promotion and other opportunities through bribe and graft, he will neglect his duty. 

Bribing in government, semi-government, and non-government offices and in education sector causes disruption (ধ্বংস) in national life. By taking bribe the corrupted officials of the educational offices help the bad students to pass in the examinations. Moreover, we see, with the help of the dishonest workers of those offices many students manage forged certificates and mark sheets. These kinds of students become the burden of society. It is a matter of great regret (অনুতাপ) that the educational system of a country is so corrupted due to bribery. 

In socio-economic development, bribery plays an obstructive (প্রতিবন্ধকতা সৃষ্টিকারী) role. As a result of bribery, the allotted money is misappropriated (আত্মসাত করা) by the government staff, political leaders, etc. So the main target of the development work is not achieved. 

Bribery destroys the moral base of the society and the moral character of the public. When a person observes that through corruption it is easy to get everything, he will try to do that. He will not try to find out the meaning of what is fair and what is unfair. Corrupted persons do not properly utilise their earned wealth. As a result, a large amount of money is used in an unproductive way. In a corrupted society the command of law, fair justice, social equality can never be established. As a result, democracy will not be meaningful. Corruption is a complex social disease. It is very difficult to find out when and why a man becomes corrupted. Avarice (লোভ-লালসা) is the only cause of bribery. Limitless demand of the people is the main cause of corruption. Besides this, economic, insolvency, ambiguity of laws, unemployment, political instability, lack of patriotism are also the causes of corruption. 

To stop bribery economic solvency (ঋণ পরিশোধ ক্ষমতা) must be ensured by raising the salary of the employees and by monitoring market prices. Enforcement of strict law and exemplary (দৃষ্টান্তমূলক) punishment for the bribe-takers are effective to reduce corruption. Religious teaching has assertive effect in uplifting the moral fibre of those who indulge in corruption of bribe and gratification.
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