Composition : City Life is Better Than Country Life

City Life is Better Than Country Life

↬ Town Life or City Life is Better Than Country Life

↬ Urban Life is Better Than Rural Life

I completely disagree with this statement. It’s true that country life has some disadvantages. There are no easy means of transport and communications. There are no good schools or hospitals. In spite of all these disadvantages, I prefer country life. 

Country life is natural. On the other hand, town life is artificial. In the country, we are close to nature. There are green fields, flowers and trees all around. There are small rivers, canals and ponds. People are open, simple and frank. They are generous and hospitable. They are sympathetic to one another. They share one another’s joys and sorrows. Most of them are illiterate but they are plain and honest. 

In the country, one gets fine air, water, fresh fish, fruit and vegetables. Milk, butter and other eatables can be had in pure. There is absolute peace and happiness. There is no noise pollution. Motor vehicles and machines are seldom (সেল্‌ডাম্-কদাচিৎ) seen. Country life is free from traffic jam. The air and water pollution are much less than those in town life. There is no hustle and bustle. The people are contented because their demands are few and they are easily satisfied. They are pious and religious. They live in peace and harmony with their religious beliefs. Social values still prevail in country life. The older people show and affection love to the younger generation. On the other hand, the young people show profound (প্রোফাউন্ড-অগাধ) respect to their elderly relatives, neighbours and even unknown people. In a word, country life is simpler and much more quiet and peaceful than town life. Another great attraction of country life is winter cakes called pitha. Various types of pitha are made during the winter season to entertain the relatives and guests. 

So, country life is better than town life for me.
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