Composition : Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh

Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh

↬ The Unemployment Problem is Very Acute in Bangladesh

↬ Unemployment Problem is a Serious Problem in Bangladesh

Unemployment means the state of being out of work. If a section of people of any country are jobless, it is said that the country is facing unemployment problem. Bangladesh is a small and poor country. Its natural resources are limited, but it has a large population. It cannot provide its all citizens with the jobs they need. So, the unemployment problem in Bangladesh is very acute. 

We can mark three main causes of unemployment : over population, under development and inequitable distribution of natural wealth. Being an underdeveloped country, it has about 49% illiterate people. Moreover, we have no people with proper training. So, we cannot use our manpower properly. Our agriculture, which is the main field of employment, is unable to provide all its unskilled people with work. So, the unskilled people are only burden for our country. 

The effect of unemployment problem is dangerous. It is a curse. An unemployed person is unable to earn money to support himself or his family. So, he may go astray. Unemployment problem may breed may crimes. It breaks the social or national harmony and may destroy the nation. 

In order to solve the problem, the unemployed persons should be trained up as skilled workers so that they may seek their job in home and abroad. Alarming population growth should be checked at any cost. The proper distribution of national wealth is also to be ensured. 

The unemployment problem should be solved immediately. Our national leaders should find out means how to address the problem. Many mills and factories are to be set up. The rich should also come forward in this regard.
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