Composition : Self-Employment is the Best Employment

Self-Employment is the Best Employment

We are by nature fatalistic in our attitude. Our tendency is to depend too much on fate, or change, or same other persons to help us. But, it is true, God has given us strength of body and power of mind. So, a man can explore his qualities, capacities and qualifications for formulating (স্পষ্ট করে) scopes of employment. People can open small-scale industries or business of their own. Nowadays even educated young people are opening up farms. 

There are a good number of sectors for launching enterprise for self-employment. Micro-credit programmes of different nationalised banks, credit organisations and specially Grameen Bank are encouraging for the entrepreneur (উদ্যোক্তা). Such micro-credit programmes are under the scheme of fishery, pisci-culture, dairy, poultry raising, vegetable cultivation, flower cultivation, etc. Government should also liberalise (উদারনীতিক করা) the loan policy so that the able young man educated or uneducated may have easy access to facilities given by the government. 

A self-employed person feels neither fear nor shame (লজ্জা বা শরম) to labour with his own hands, if necessary. He is always learning new lessons, gathering valuable experience. His example is an inspiration (অনুপ্রেরণা) and his achievement is an example to others. Failure cannot shake his well-grounded faith in himself; it only encourages him on to renewed enterprise. This confidence in himself wins him the confidence of others. In the face of failure, a self-employed man does not lose esteem (গণ্য করা) and this gains him the esteem of the world. 

A self-employed person may work for his own prosperity (সিমৃদ্ধি) and well-being. Whereas when a person works under others’ authority, he does not have any option but to follow the dictation (আদেশ) given by the authority. If we think poorly of our own abilities, if we look to others for guidance at every step, we cannot expect (প্রত্যাশা করা) others to rate us high and put confidence in us.
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