Composition : Beggar Problem is a Serious Social Problem in Bangladesh

Beggar Problem is a Serious Social Problem in Bangladesh

The person who lives by begging is a beggar. He/she seeks other’s help to support himself/herself. It is the most hateful and shameful occupation, but many people of our country live by begging. 

Begging is not a job, because it does not give anything to society. It makes a man devoid of any sense of self-respect. It leads him/her to the sub-human level. Begging does not develop a person’s ability or will to be self-reliant. A nation of beggars get respect nowhere rather it is spotted. So, it is regarded as a serious social problem as well as crime of the country. 

The causes of beggar problem are not far to seek. Ours is a backward country. Our agriculture which is the means of livelihood for 85% of or people is undeveloped and is unable to fulfil all the needs of our big population. Natural calamities like : cyclones or floods render many people helpless and homeless. Moreover, our people have the habit of making undue charity. As a result, thousands of people turn beggars every year. 

The effects of beggar problem are untold. Because begging roots a lot of anti-social crimes. The beggar problem is becoming chronic. As a result, one day the nation may be considered as the nation of beggars. The nation may lose the power of doing clean labour. We will be hated. 

An industrious nation is respected everywhere. So, we should check the beggar problem at any cost. Beggars should be involved in productive work. 

Since begging is a curse, the government and solvent people should come forward to provide beggars with jobs or rehabilitate them for eradicating begging. 
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