Composition : Family Planning is the Most Essential Issue for the People in Bangladesh

Family Planning is the Most Essential Issue for the People in Bangladesh

Family planning is a plan to check the overgrowth of population. The world population is increasing faster than foodstuff. This growth rate is alarming (বিপজ্জনক). To check the growth rate (), family planning has come into force. Accordingly, every family will have to have children not more than two at best. 

Family planning is of great importance for all undeveloped (অনুন্নত) and underdeveloped or developing (উন্নয়নশীল) countries. The wealth and land of every country are limited. Overgrowth of population causes shortage of food, clothes, houses and employment. As a result, people have to spend a lot of foreign currency to buy food grains from foreign countries for the hungry (ক্ষুধার্ত) people. So, the economy of a country falls and development work is stopped. Thus, peace and happiness are hampered (বাধাগ্রস্ত হয়). 

Bangladesh is an overpopulated country (অতিরিক্ত জনসংখ্যার দেশ). It has the thickest population in the world. About 1,800 people live per square mile and 27 is its growth rate per thousand people. It is a very high growth rate. Bangladesh is a poor country. It has neither so much land nor even so many resources (সম্পদ) to provide so many people. So, family planning is the most essential measure for the people in this country. 

Family planning centres are set up in every upazila. Varieties of preventing (প্রতিরোধকসমূহ) free of cost are being supplied to the people. Clinics and child-care centres are extended to hospitals and maternity (প্রসূতি) centres in towns. Many family planning workers are appointed to popularise (জনপ্রিয়করণ) the programme among the villagers. Propagation (প্রচারণা/বিস্তার) and demonstration (কার্যপ্রণালী) for the purpose are arranged through radios, televisions and newspapers and wall posturings. 

Our people are illiterate and God-fearing (ধর্মভীরু). They are not interested in this plan. Some think it anti-religious (বিধর্মী/ধর্মবিরোধী). Some are not sure of its good result. But it is now gradually gaining ground among the educated persons in Bangladesh. 

A small family means a happy family. So, we should accept this plan for our happiness (সুখ) and peace.
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