Composition : Misuse of Gas

Misuse of Gas

Gas is one of the most valuable natural resources in Bangladesh. It is the principal source of energy of the country’s power, industry, commercial, and domestic sectors. its utility in our daily life is very great. But it is a matter of regret that this valuable asset of ours is being misused severely. Due to misuse of gas, sometimes its crisis is greatly felt. Therefore, misuse of gas should be stopped and maximum utilization of this resource should be ensured by taking effective steps. 

Gas is misused in many ways. While cooking food, some housewives value match-sticks more than our valuable natural resources, gas. They want to save mere match-sticks by wasting gas. Some housewives waste gas by burning it whole night. Again, some house lords used more burners beyond gas authority’s approval with the help of corrupted gas officials and cheated our national revenue income. Some bad people also misused huge quantity of gas through illegal connection in small industry and they cheated the government as well as national revenue income collections, by these evil practices. So, illegal provision of gas is one of the main examples of misuse. Moreover, gas is also heavily misused in hotels and restaurants, as the cooks are not aware of the utility of gas. 

So, public awareness should be raised through different mass media about the utility of gas. Besides, strict law should be enforced to curb the situation. So, no one can dare to misuse this national resource. For want of experts, it is also misused at the time of being lifted up and refined. 

Misuse of gas causes great economic loss. If we continue misuse of gas, no doubt we will face untold suffering in near future. Then we cannot cook food. Vehicles cannot run in crisis of gas. As a consequence, smooth communication will be hindered. Side by side national development will be obstructed. 

It is clear that energy is a crucial national issue, and natural gas is an invaluable resource. The poverty-ridden country of Bangladesh which is still struggling hard with its development, cannot afford to make mistakes regarding the proper utilisation of gas. Therefore, misuse of gas should be stopped at any cost.
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