Composition : Misuse of Electricity

Misuse of Electricity

Electricity is a form of energy resulting from the existence of charged particles (electrons, protons, etc.), either statically as an accumulation of charge on dynamically as a current. It is a symbol of development. Without electricity, all the development programmes and projects are hindered. Mills and factories cannot run, workers cannot work, patients have to die untreated, students cannot study attentively in absence of electricity. But this very important power is heavily misused in our country. And so load-shedding occurs frequently and sufferings of common people know no bounds. 

Electricity is misused in many ways in our country. Like, in luxurious shopping centres, numerous light and bulbs are lit to make them look attractive; during marriage ceremony, nuptial houses are lit in excess; some people keep the electronic goods on unnecessarily while they are not available at residences; some mills and factories are provided with electricity illegally and thus huge electricity is misused. 

Pragmatic steps should be taken to stop misuse of electricity. Those who misuse this valuable power and those who provide people with illegal connections are equally guilty for these evil activities. So, they should be punished in an exemplary way. 

Electricity enlivens our life, In modern world, we cannot think even a moment without electricity. It helps us go ahead. In absence of electricity, the whole environment assumes a ghostly appearance. It then seems that there is no human being. All the business and works are stopped in want of electricity. Hence, all of us should put great emphasis on the proper utilisation of this power sector. 

Almost every year, we face huge shortage of electricity. If we are conscious a little bit, we can mitigate and avoid our sufferings by saving electricity. 

In reality, it can be exposed here that misuse of electricity brings downfall and destruction. On the contrary, proper use of electricity brings massive development. Therefore, misuse of this valuable energy should be stopped by taking effective steps.
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