Composition : The Uses and Abuses of Satellite Channels

The Uses and Abuses of Satellite Channels

Television is considered to be the best means of entertainment, knowledge and information. Now, satellite telecasting has added a new dimension to the world of television. But it proves, sometimes, a cultural assault on developing nations. 

Television is very useful to all. We gather knowledge about current affairs and day-to-day information through Satellite Channels. Many channels like National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, History Channel, etc. telecast a lot of educative and informative programmes that enrich our knowledge in various fields. Besides, BTV telecast the educational programme ‘Durshikkon’ run by Bangladesh Open University. 

The programmes telecast by various channels are not only educative but also entertaining. Besides cultural programmes, telefilms, plays and cinemas or movies can be enjoyed through them. Moreover, many international summits, conferences, events including sports can be watched with the help of Satellite Channels. 

Despite all these advantages, there are also many abuses of Satellite Channels. It keeps bad effects on the viewers, particularly, the under-aged and teenagers. The sensibilities of our young generation are sometimes worst affected by some programmes. Children become addicted to it and neglect their studies. They grow violent and aggressive by being influenced by several programmes telecast by some Satellite Channels. By watching them, they waste their valuable time. It also causes serious harm to their eyesight. Moreover, most of them often try to imitate the actors and actresses of the movies and develop ill practices. They are also highly influenced by western culture and their way of life and become indifferent to their own culture and heritage. As some channels telecast various pornographic programmes. They are mostly full of naked display of female body and vulgarism. The young boys and girls are easily affected by them. 

Considering all the advantages, we usually neglect the abuse of television. But we must be aware of our children so that they cannot waste their valuable time in watching television. We should also make them aware that they must not forget their own culture and heritage.
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