Application for repairing a tubewell

Imagine that there is only one tubewell in your village and it has been out of order for about two months. Now, write an application to the Chairman of your Union Parishad for repairing the tubewell immediately.


The Chairman
Ashrafpur Union Parishad

Subject : Prayer for repairing a tubewell.

We, the villagers of Ashrafpur beg to state that the only tubewell of our village has gone out of order for about two months. It has caused great suffering to the villagers. They have to fetch drinking water from distant place. The old, the children and the women suffer untold suffering for want of drinking water. Most people are poor and cannot repair it out of their own pockets. The solvent takes no initiative of pay no heed to it. So, the repairing of this tubewell is a crying need. 

We fervently pray and hope that you would kindly arrange the repairing of the tubewell and remove the untold sufferings of the villagers. 

Obediently yours 

The villagers of Ashrafpur
1. Abul Kashem Talukdar
2. Jahir Khondkar
3. Monir Hossain Khan
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