Application for establishing a hallroom

Imagine, you are a student of Govt. Womens’ College, Manikganj. There is no hallroom in your college. Now, write an application to the Principal of your college for establishing a hallroom.

15 July 2020

The Principal
Govt. Womens’ College,

Subject : Prayer for establishing a hallroom.

Dear Sir,
Our college is one of the biggest college’s in this area and we are proud of it. We are also very happy to have a good library and a reading room in our college. But it is a matter of great regret that there is no hallroom in our college. So, in our college, we cannot arrange any meeting or indoor activities properly. For this reason, we always suffer from mental and emotional pangs.

On behalf of the student of our college, I, therefore, pray that you would be kind enough to set up a hallroom in our college.

Yours obediently,

Tasmina Haque
Class XI (Science Group), Roll No. 1
On behalf of all the students of Govt. Womens’ College, Manikganj.
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