Application for complaining against irregular delivery of letters

Imagine, you are Nipa of an inhabitant of a village, Matuail, P.S. Demra, Dist. Dhaka-1362. You never get your letter and other necessary things in time and that is why you have to suffer different kinds of problem. Now, write an application to the Postmaster of Dhaka Head Post Office complaining about irregular delivery of letters in your locality.

11 December 2020

The Post master Dhaka Head Post Office,

Subject : Complaint against irregular delivery of letters.

Dear Sir,
With due respect, I would like to bring your kind attention to the fact that the postman of Matuail post office of P. S. Demra, Dhaka-1362 does not deliver letters, parcels, money orders, etc. regularly of the inhabitants of Matuail. As a result, the people of this area have been suffering a lot for a long time.

May I, therefore, pray and hope that you would be kind enough to take effective measures to ensure regular delivery of letter and other things to the people of this area.

Truly yours

Vill. & Post : Matuail
P. S : Demra
Dist : Dhaka – 1362.

-------Same application collected from another book-------

The delivery of postal matters in your area is very irregular. Often you miss them. Now write an application to the postmaster for ensuring the regular delivery of letters.

07 July 2020

The Postmaster
Head Post Office

Subject : Prayer for ensuring the regular delivery of letters.

With due respect and humble submission, we, the inhabitants of Kusumpur Union, beg to lay before you the following facts for your kind consideration and favourable treatment. 

That ours is a prosperous locality is known to you. Many people of our locality are service holders working in distant places. Many students read in Universities, Medical Colleges etc. So naturally, a number of letters come to our locality. But the postman of our locality does not come to our locality regularly to deliver letter. Sometimes he comes once a week. He often hands the letters over to a shop keeper at the weekly hat. Sometimes he handover important letters to the children playing about here and there. Its result is bitter. As result of his irregular habits and gross negligence, either we miss letters or get letters late. Now we need to ensure the regular delivery of letters. 

We, therefore, earnestly request you to take effective measures to correct the postman and ensure regular delivery of letters. 

Yours faithfully

on behalf of the inhabitants
of Kusumpur Union.
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