Application for financial assistance

Imagine, you are Alam of Dania College, Dhaka and you are in class XI. Your father is a poor shopkeeper. His financial condition is not good. He is unable to bear your educational expenses. But you want to continue your study. So, you need a financial help. Now, write an application to your Principal for a financial assistance from the student’s welfare fund of the college.

August 4, 2020

The Principal
Dania College,

Subject : Application for a financial assistance.

I have the honour to draw your kind attention to the fact that I am a very poor student of your reputed college in class XI, Science group. Now, I am not in a position to continue my studies because of my father’s financial hardship. My father is a poor shopkeeper. He has to maintain a large family of eight members with his small income. Now, It is quite impossible on his part to bear my educational expenses any more. My study will come to an end if my prayer does not receive sympathetic consideration from you. I would like to add that I came out second in the annual examination with highest marks in four subjects.

I, therefore, pray and hope that you would be kind enough to grant me a financial assistance from the student’s welfare fund of your college and thus help me to continue my studies.

Yours sincerely

Class XI (Science Group), Section-A, Roll. 2
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