Letter about describing your college life

Write a letter to your friend living abroad describing your college life.

8/1, West Jatrabari

August 16, 2020

Dear Bappi,
I have received your letter day before yesterday. You wanted to know about my college life. 

You will be highly glad to know about my college as I learn in a very famous college in Bangladesh. The name of my college is Residential Model College, Dhaka which is situated in the heart of Dhaka city. The college house in four brick-built buildings where classes are held. There are office room, library room, laboratory room, students common room, teachers’ common room in the administrative building. Our classes begin at 8:00 am and ends at 3:00 pm. I spend leisure hours playing carum, tennis, cricket. Annual sports and cultural week are held every year. I take part in games and sports and cultural functions. You will be happy that I am good at tennis. There is a large playground in front of our science building. We play there. 

I you come, I will show you everything of our college. No more today. More when meet next. Write to me soon. Tender my best compliments to your parents and other superiors. 

Yours ever
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