Letter about importance of so many rivers in our country

Suppose, your pen-friend in Italy has heard that Bangladesh is a land of rivers. He has also heard about devastating floods in your country. Now, he wants to know about the importance of so many rivers in your economy when they cause a great destruction every year.

Write a letter to him giving your opinion about it.

38 Jatrabari
Dhaka, Bangladesh
27 May 2020

Dear Robert,
I hope you are fine. I received your letter yesterday. You have heard that devastating floods often visit our country. You have asked me to write about the importance of rivers in our economy. 

You know Bangladesh is a land of rivers. Many rivers have crisscrossed this country. Though these rivers cause troubles for us, they have great economic importance. Firstly, ours is an agrarian economy. This agriculture is dependent upon these rivers. The river water helps to grow crops through irrigation system. Again, these rivers supply a good source of protein for us. We receive the third forth protein of our fish from these rivers. Again, these rivers have made our country a silted land. During the floods, these rivers carry silts and make our agricultural land fertile. Thus, though these rivers prove devastating during the flood, they are vitally connected with our economy. I think this description will clarify your idea about the role of rivers in our economy. It’s double standard, you can say, these rivers maintain with us. 

No more today. Looking forward to your reply. 

With best regards.
A K Khondkar


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