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Write a letter to your friend Nasif telling him about the study tour you enjoyed a few days ago.

Or, Write a letter to your friend telling him about a natural sight that you have enjoyed very recently.

46/3, Airport Road
20 March 2020

Dear Nasif,
I’ve just received your letter. In your letter, you are very curious to know about my study tour that I enjoyed a few days ago. Let me quench your curiosity through this letter.

Well few days ago, I had an opportunity to go on a study tour to Chittagong. It was arranged by the college authority. This study tour was very exciting and enjoyable and I had vicarious experiences.

Actually Chittagong, the commercial capital of Bangladesh, is rich in natural beauty and bounty. It is also famous for its large seaport.

After we had reached Chittagong, we went to the port to see how export and import goods are loaded and unloaded there.

We also watched many different industrial areas of Chittagong. It seemed to me that the city is industrially developed.

We then to Karnafuly. There we observed Kaptai Hydry Electric Project. It was really exciting experience. It was surprising to see how the flow of water is maintained and electricity is produced using the current of the river flow.

Then we went to Cox’s Bazar, the largest seabeach in the world. It was so fascinating and exciting to see the sun in its rising and setting. It was a new experience in my life.

No more today. Convey my regards to your parents and Laboni apa.

Yours ever


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