Letter conveying feeling asking for some suggestions for being unemployed

Suppose, you are an unemployed person. You feel the bitterness of being unemployed.

Now, write a letter conveying your feeling to one of your friends asking for some suggestions.

11/B. Sadar Road
May 20, 2020

Dear Kamal,
Take my cordial love. Hope you are hale and hearty by the grace of Almighty. I am not so well.

Being unemployed, I lead an unhappy life. It is difficult for me to been the bitterness of being an unemployed person. Life has become intolerably difficult for me. It’s a pity that me members of my family, let alone, my friends and relatives behave with me in a humiliating way. Nobody likes me because I am jobless. I have nothing to do. I am frustrated. My brain always intends to do evil things. Sometimes, the world appears to me like a betrayer. I am suffering from mental agony. I am on the verge of extinction. I cannot express my feelings to anybody. Sometimes, I intend to commit suicide. My condition is getting worse.

So, would you please give me your wise suggestion and rescue me from the miserable plight I am in at the moment. I’ll remain ever grateful to you if you kindly help me to get rid of my frustration in life.

No more today. Wish you all the best.

Yours ever
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