Dialogue regarding choice of elective subject

Imagine, you are Mamun. You have a friend named Baki. Both of you are in indecision about taking up elective subject. You discuss the matter between yourselves and then decide to take up Islamic Studies. 

Now, write the dialogue between you and Baki regarding choice of elective subject.

Mamun : Hello, Baki. When did you come from home? I was looking for you in the college hostel. But I failed to trace you out.

Baki : Thank you for your patience. I’ve come today. Have you got yourself admitted? I’ve already completed all the formalities. Now I’m thanking about my elective subject. I haven’t yet chosen it. Have you?

Mamun : Yea, I’ve also completed all my admission formalities. You know, I’am a backward student. So I think, I’ll take up an easy elective subject so that I can get good marks. Will you please advise me which elective subject I should choose.

Baki : I’ve the same question to you. I’m at a loss as to what to do. There are four special subjects here. They are Elective Math, Psychology, Islamic Studies and Statistics. Which one of them should we make a prudent choice?

Mamun : I have a good plan. Let’s attend a few classes in all the subjects first. Then we’ll make the choice.

Baki : I rather differ with you. No chance of doing so. I’ve made up my mind to take up Islamic Studies as my elective subject. Now what about you?

Mamun : So do I. I like the subject most.

Baki : Then let’s take up Islamic Studies.

Mamun : Ok. May Allah help us.
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