Dialogue on tree plantation

Imagine, you are Akram. Your father has asked you to buy some plants from a nursery. This is the time for tree plantation. One of your teachers has talked to you about the necessity and importance of planting trees. So you have decided to plant a lot of trees.

Now, write the dialogue between you and your teacher on tree plantation.

Teacher : Hello, Akram, Are you so busy?

Akram : I’m really busy, sir. My father asked me yesterday to go to a nursery to buy some plants. But I’ve already forgotten to do that. You know this is the time for tree plantation.

Teacher : I know that. I wanted to talk with you about this plantation of trees. But I see, you are so busy.

Akram : So what, sir? Please tell me something about tree plantation. I shall apprise my father with your advice.

Teacher : Very good. It is an essential job for all of us to plant trees around our house, school, college, university or on any fallow land. Do you know its benefits?

Akram : No, sir, I’m really in the dark about its necessity and usefulness. Would you please tell me?

Teacher : Why not? It’s my duty to tell you this. Then listen, our food is supplied by trees and plants. Our clothes are made of cotton which we get from plants. We get our building material from timber trees, bamboos etc. Not only that, but trees also supply oxygen that we breathe in. Besides, we get medicines from trees, plants and herbs. Such is the importance of trees and plants.

Akram : I didn’t know that, sir, What an important matter tree plantation is! I wonder.

Teacher : I appreciate you and your concern over tree plantation. Trees are our real friends, trees are our true companions. So, if you cut one, we must plant two. This shall be today’s campaign.

Akram : Thank you, sir, thank you very much. I’ll be ever grateful to you for your kind help and advice. I’ll go back home and shall plant a lot of trees around our house, good-bye, sir.

Teacher : Good-bye, pray to God for your success.
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