Dialogue about new English teacher

Imagine, you are Abdullah. You have a friend named Ahmad. A new teacher of English has joined your college. He is a highly qualified excellent teacher. You have a talk about him with your friend Ahmad.

Now, write the dialogue between you and Ahmad about your new English teacher.

Abdullah : Did you attend the English class today? Did you see our new English teacher who came to our class for the first time? What’s your impression about him?

Ahmad : Good. A very nice teacher. Abdullah. We are really lucky to have a teacher like him.

Abdullah : I wonder, how you can say that he is a very nice teacher. He is an excellent teacher.

Ahmad : I was present in his class. I saw him speaking lovingly and politely. His English pronunciation is really very good. He can speak fluently with accurate accent, intonation and accuracy. So I like him.

Abdullah : Yes. He is really frank and very jolly minded. He has his own style of teaching.

Ahmad : He also studied abroad.

Abdullah : He has had his Ph.D. from the USA. He worked there for two years. Here we wish him a success, progress and prosperity.
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