Dialogue about campus violence

Imagine, you are Apu. You are going to public library and meet your friend Tapan on the way. Violence occurs in your campus every now and then. He talks about campus violence with you.

Now, write the dialogue between you and Tapan about campus violence.

Apu : Hello, Tapan, how are you?

Tapan : Not so good. Where are you going?

Apu : I am going to public library.

Tapan : Are you still in the hall? How is it possible?

Apu : Oh, no. I am in my sister’s residence.

Tapan : Were you there during the violence on the campus?

Apu : Yes. You know, I was so frightened that day. I hate this situation.

Tapan : My feeling is also like that. But you know that a group of students are working in favour of the party in power while others are in opposition. So, there happens a chase in the campus now and then.

Apu : Campus violence is really undesirable.

Tapan : Yes, can you not resist it?

Apu : We can. But who is the bell the cat?

Tapan : I think, the general students should be united to face it.

Apu : Besides, the party in power and the party is opposition in collaboration with the teachers can resist it.

Tapan : Anyhow, campus violence must be discouraged and stopped.

Apu : Right you are. Bye now.

Tapan : See you. Bye.
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