Dialogue about preparations for exam

Imagine, you are Baker. Your final examination is near at hand. You meet your friend Saker. You talk about your respective preparations for the examination. You point out that you are not well up in English. Saker Suggests that you may go with him to your English teacher for coaching. 

Now, write the dialogue between you and Saker.

Baker : Hellow, Saker. How are you? Are you really busy with the preparation for the final examination?

Saker : Yes, friend, I’am a little bit worried. But how is your preparation for it.

Baker : Not so good. But I wonder how you can read so much. Do you think there is nothing to do in life other than reading?

Saker : No. But you must face the examination that is coming soon.

Baker : Well, I don’t care for it. I can’t sacrifice my games and my pictures for this cursed examination.

Saker : The examination may be cursed. But unless you cross through it, you lose one precious year of your life. However, tell me how your preparation is going on.

Baker : Not all good and sound. You know it very well that I am not so good in English. I think, I shall fail in that subject.

Saker : Don’t worry, friend. I have some weakness in the subject of English. I have decided to go to our English teacher for coaching. I request you to do so. You’ll be able to make up, I think.

Baker : Right you are. Let’s now go to him.
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