Dialogue between you and native

Imagine, you have gone to France for the first time as a tourist. You want to put up in a residential hotel. You stop a gentleman on the way and ask him about a hotel. He names a hotel and gives you the direction to reach it. 

Now, write the dialogue between you and the native.

Tourist : Hello, gentleman! Listen to me please.

Native : Yes, how can I help you?

Tourist : Excuse me. Would you please tell me the name of a good hotel here?

Native : Do you mean a residential one?

Tourist : Yes, I am a newcomer here and I am from Bangladesh.

Native : That’s not a matter. Hotels are available here. But I’ll suggest Chime Hotel. You’ll find comfort there.

Tourist : Would you please tell me how I can go there?

Native : Yes, of course. Please go straight to the west. You will take a right turn when you find the point at the crossroads. There you’ll find Chime Hotel.

Tourist : Is that too far?

Native : Oh! no. It’s about five or six minutes’ walk.

Tourist : It’s very kind of you. Thank you very much.

Native : It’s my pleasure. Wish you an enjoyable visit to our country.

Tourist : Thank you

Native : You are most welcome.
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