Dialogue between you and Immigration Officer

Suppose, you would like to go abroad for higher education. You meet the immigration officer of an overseas Embassy in Dhaka and talk to him about your intention.

Now, make the dialogue between you and the Immigration Officer.

Myself : Good morning, sir.

Officer : Good morning. Are you Mr. Tareq?

Myself : Yes.

Officer : Okay. Have you applied for education visa?

Myself : Yes, sir.

Officer : Have you brought your original certificates?

Myself : Yes, here’s all.

Officer : Oh, yes. Have you completed TOEFL?

Myself : Yes. You’ll get the certificate here.

Officer : Okay. Then you’ve completed your graduation here. What next you want to study?

Myself : I wish to do my postgraduation from the USA.

Officer : Can’t you do it in your own country?

Myself : I can. But I wish to do it from California University. I have communicated with them and they’ve accepted my application. You can see the papers.

Officer : That’s fine. Okay. So you need to stay there for two of three years.

Myself : Yes, sir.

Officer : How will are bear the expenses for that?

Myself : Yes, you see, my father is a businessman. Here’s his financial statement. He’ll bear all my expenses.

Officer : That’s really good. Papers are very much in your favour. I see youngman, then I think you are going to get your visa.

Myself : Thank you. It will be so kind of you, sir.

Officer : It’s all right. I believe you will do well over there. So please come in the afternoon a lot. Good-bye. sir.

Myself : Thanks a lot. Good-bye, sir

Officer : Same to you.
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