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Dialogue about problem of load-shedding

Imagine, you are a degree examinee. Your examination is going on. You are fed up with load-shedding at this time. You met your friend Murshed and talk with him about the problem of load-shedding. 

Now, make the dialogue between you and Murshed about the problem of load-shedding.

Myself : Hello, Murshed. How are you?

Murshed : Fine, my friend, how are you?

Myself : I am also fine. How is your preparation for the examination?

Murshed : It’s okay. How are you getting on with your studies?

Myself : Fine, my friend, but I can’t understand what will happen to us and what is in store for us.

Murshed : You seem to be disgusted with something, what’s the matter?

Myself : This is the curse of load-shedding.

Murshed : Oh! I see! It should be a matter of concern particularly to a degree candidate when the examination is going on.

Myself : You know, how important the night before the day of exam is! And if that night power fails, is it tolerable?

Murshed : I understand. Our area is also the same. Nowadays it occurs everywhere in the country.

Myself : Okay. See you again.

Murshed : Bye.

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