Dialogue on late train coming

Imagine, you are Kabir. You are waiting at the station for the train. You meet Nasser on the platform. You have a talk with him. He tells you that the train is late by one hour.

Now, write the dialogue between you and Nasser on the platform.

Kabir : Good evening, Nasser. The train seems very late to-night. Doesn’t it?

Nasser : Good evening. The train is one hour behind time.

Kabir : And why?

Naseer : Nobody seems to know. I asked the station master and he said he didn’t know.

Kabir : It’s most annoying. I fear I may miss my connection. In that case. I’ll have to spend the whole night on the platform.

Naseer : Is it so? To spend the night outside in this cold weather! Horrible to think. Well, shall we walk up and down? It’s cold standing here.

Kabir : It should be more comfortable in the waiting room, I think.

Naseer : O, look! The signal is up at last. The train’s coming.

Kabir : Thank God! Our problem is solved.
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