Dialogue about admission

Imagine, you were a student at the Dhaka College. Recently your family has shifted to Banglabazar area. You want to get yourself admitted to Kabi Nazrul College. You meet the principal and talk about your admission.

Now, write the dialogue between you and the principal about your admission.

Student : Good morning, sir.

Principal : Good morning. What can I do for you?

Student : I wish to join this college, sir.

Principal : Is that so? Well, had you ever been to any college before?

Student : Yes sir, I was a student of Dhaka college so long.

Principal : What makes you change your college, then?

Student : Recently our family has shifted to Banglabazar.

Principal : Have you got your transfer certificate with you?

Student : No, sir.

Principal : Then I am sorry, my boy! I can’t admit you here without a transfer certificate from the principal of your last college.

Student : That’ll be no problem, sir. My father will go to have it. Meanwhile, I hope you’ll allow me to join the college. Sir, if I miss the classes, I’ll be so much the loser for it.

Principal : Where’s your progress report?

Student : Here it is, sir. I stood 4th in my class in order of merit.

Principal : That’s very good. You may join our class XII, but please bring the transfer certificate as soon as possible. I’ll admit you formally after it is submitted.

Student : Thank you very much. sir.

Principal : You are welcome my boy.
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