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Dialogue about going abroad for both learning and earning

Imagine, you are Karim. You are going abroad for both learning and earning. You meet your friend Rahim and talk to him about your intention.

Now, write the dialogue between you and Rahim about your going abroad for both learning and earning.

Karim : Hi, Rahim, how are you?

Rahim : Fine, thank you, and you?

Karim : I’m well, But I’ve been thinking of going abroad.

Rahim : Well, you’re going abroad. But what would happen to your studies?

Karim : Oh, Yes, I’m not giving up my studies. You know it’s easy in any European country to earn side by side your work.

Rahim : Oh. good. so you’re going abroad for both learning and earning.

Karim : Exactly. This is, as you know, very difficult if not impossible, in our country. One can hardly earn while he studies.

Rahim : True.

Karim : Please pray for me so that I become successful in my mission.

Rahim : Certainly.

Karim : Thank you. Bye.

Rahim : Bye.

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