Dialogue between you and your mother about your first day at college.

Imagine, you are John. Today is your first day at college. You have just come back from college. Your mother wants to know about your first day’s experience and you tell your mother about this. 

Now, write the dialogue between you and your mother about your first day at college.

Mother : Well John! Back from college?

John : Yes, mother. Isn’t tea ready for me? I am dying for a cup of tea.

Mother : You’ll have it in no time. But how did you get on at your college, John?

John : Pretty well, mother, though at first, I felt terribly nervous.

Mother : Did you?

John : It all seemed so strange.

Mother : Never mind, dear, You’ll soon get used to it. How did you like college?

John : I liked it very much. Our principal is a fine gentleman. But I didn’t like some of the boys.

Mother : But why?

John : I can’t tell you that. They were so rough and noisy. But, that’s no matter for me.

Mother : I see. You know, courtesy costs nothing. Try to be nice to them all. And don’t be rude yourself.

John : How nice of you, mother! Here comes the tea.

Mother : Change your dress. Run and have a wash before the tea turns cold.

John : Coming, mother.

Mother : Well, be quick.
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