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Letter to sick friend who admited in hospital

Write a letter to your sick friend who admitted to hospital.

Suppose, you have heard that one of your intimate friends is in a hospital. He has been suffering from dengue. You want to convey your sympathy to him. Besides, you want to palliate his woes by ensuring that he would come round soon. You also want to tell him that you would visit him at the hospital at a very early date.

10 Mirpur Road, Dhaka-1207
20 February 2020

My Dear ‘S’.
I am extremely shocked to learn that you have been hospitalized being attacked by dengue. Please accept my sympathy. I hope you will come round soon. There are joys and sorrows in life. Sorrows are parts of our life, as joys are. So we should face the sorrows bravely as we accept the joys cheerfully. I will see you at the hospital very soon. In the meantime follow the advice of the doctors and don’t worry at all.

I wish your early recovery.

Yours Ever

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