Letter for going to take BCS examination

Write a letter to your friend telling him your reasons for going to take the BCS examination. 

Suppose, you are Samad of West Rajabazar, Dhanmondi, Dhaka. You have a high ambition to become a government officer. You have decided to appear at the ensuring BCS examination. You think that BCS is the only way to enter into high-ranking government post, it is more secure than non-governemtn service, it is considered more prestigious in our society, it puts less pressure than non-governemtn service and provided more time to attend to family affairs. Your friend Hamid wants to know why you are going in for the BCS examination. 

23rd March 2020
55 West Razabazar, Dhanmondi, Dhaka

My Dear Hamid,
I received your letter a few days ago. I hove you all are fine. I am also fine. I could not reply in time. In sorry for this. In the previous letter, you wanted to know about the reasons of my appearing at the B.C.S. examination. In today's letter, I am writing why I want to sit for the B.C.S. examination. 

You know that the BCS examination is the only way for us to enter into high ranking government posts. I have a high ambition to be a government officer. I am from an ordinary middle-class family. I do not have any other alternative facility which is better than the BCS. If I am able to join the BCS I will have financial security. Besides, in our society, it is considered prestigious. In government service, there is less pressure than the non-governemtn service. Moreover, I will have enough time for my family if I get change in the BCS which is beyond imagination in non-government service. Considering all these I have decided to appear at the BCS examination. 

Yours close friend,
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