Letter for advising your brother to take more interest in games than in politics

Write a letter to your college-going brother advising him to take more interest in games than in politics.

Suppose, you have a younger brother who has recently been admitted to a college. You gave heard that he is getting inclined towards the so-called ‘politics’ which is terror-oriented, dirty, and suicidal. You think that he had better resort to games and sports which build up the body, create a sportsmanlike attitude, and infuse a sense of discipline and co-operation. 

K. pur
January 10, 2020

My Dear ‘S’,
I am glad to receive your letter and learn that you are well-set in your college environment. But one thing that is most disquieting to me is the so-called ‘politics’. Nowadays politics is terror-oriented, dirty, and suicidal. You will find many tempting avenues to get involved in it. But you should avoid politics by all means and, instead, take part in games. Games and sports are very constructive and useful pursuits. These will build up your body, create you a sportsman-like attitude, and a sense of discipline and co-operation that will stand you in good stead in your future life. I hove you will give due consideration to this advice and follow it with zeal and zest. 

With all the best wishes.

Yours affectionately,

-------Same letter collected from another book-------

Imagine that you are Zainul. You have come to know that your younger brother Abed has taken part in active politics.

Now, write a letter to your younger brother advising him to refrain himself from politics.


Dear Abed,
I received a letter from mother. I feel anxious to learn that you have taken part in active politics. It is really painful for us. Politics is not bad. But every work has its own time. Taking part in politics for a student like you is not at all wise and precise. A student cannot take part in active politics giving up his studies. Study is the first and foremost duty for a student.

Remember, in order to be a good politician, one needs to acquire proper knowledge and wisdom. If you want to be a good politician, study hard and acquire as much knowledge as you can. This is not the time to involve yourself in politics.

No more today. I hope you will follow my advice.

With elder brother
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