Letter to pen-friend to invite your country.

Write a letter to Albert inviting him to visit Bangladesh in the next winter highlighting some of the enchanting places to visit.

Suppose, you are Abdur Rab of vill. X, dis. Y. You have a pen-friend in the United Kingdom whose name is Albart. He has expressed his desire to visit Bangladesh. You intend to invite him to be your guest in the next winter season which is the best time for visiting this country.

Vill.: X, Dist.: Y
21 January 2020

My Dear Albert,
I received your letter in time. But I am sorry to inform you that I could not respond promptly. In your last letter, you wished to visit Bangladesh. I invite you to be my guest in the next winter season because it is a season of affluence and natural beauty. 

Our climate is different from that of your country. Winter is a dry and very good season in our country. You would rather be astonished to see the serene beauty of our countryside. There is no hustle and bustle of city life. The lush green landscape spreads mile after mile. The country is very beautiful with its vast paddy fields and evergreen trees with red and yellow flowers. You will also see Krishna-Chura trees flaming with the fire of red flowers in the winds of winter and spring. Here in villages, you will see many ponds with rippling water reflecting the clear sky above. 

You will be enchanted with the beauty of tea gardens in Sylhet. Tall trees clinging to the sides of the hills and hillocks look very fascinating. Then if you go to see the waterfall of Madhabkunada from the top of the hill, you will be amazed by the crystal clear water coming down from a great height and crashing on the ground below like garlands of pearls. Patches of clouds will also float around you. It will be a thrilling experience. You will be charmed by the serenity and beauty of Foy’s Lake if you climb up the hill and look down into the valley filled with water. 

Then if you visit Cox’s Bazar sea beach you will see the endless stretch of the land and the sea. You can spend hours after hours there watching natural beauty. 

If these please you, please come and enjoy Bangladesh. 

Sincerely Yours.
Abdur Rob

-------Same letter collected from another book-------

Suppose, you have a friend in the USA. He intends to visit Bangladesh.

Now, write a letter to your non-Bangladesh friend describing him about the historically and naturally important places in Bangladesh also suggest the best time for visiting Bangladesh. 

11/C, University Road
Rajshahi, Bangladesh
May 14, 2020

Dear John,
I am very glad to receive your letter. I feel very much happy to know that you have intended to visit Bangladesh. Let me introduce and suggest about the historically and naturally important places of Bangladesh to you today. 

In Bangladesh, there are many historically and naturally important places which enhance the beauty of the country. Bangladesh is a land of beauty. She has number of tourist spots. They are the Sundarbans, the Cox’s Bazar, Bagerhat Shatgombuj Mosque, Mohesh Khali, Kuakata, Paharpur Buddist Vihara, Sonargaon, the Mongla port, etc. The Sundarbans lies in the southern part of Khulna. It is the 52nd world heritage site. It is the largest mangrove forest in the world. It is famous for the Royal Bengal Tiger, the spotted deer, the estuarine crocodile, etc. The Shatgombuj Mosque in Bagerhat is another world heritage Site. It bears the testimony to the Mughal architectural heritage. Built-in mid- 15th century by Khan Jahan Ali, the Mosque is one of the best architectural beauties in Bangladesh. The Buddist Vihara at Paharpur is an attractive tourist spot located at Noagaon district. Founded in the 7th century. The monastery city represents a unique artistic achievement of our ancient heritage. Cox's Bazar, the longest seabeach in the world, is visited by thousands of tourists. Kuakata in Patuakhali is another attractive site. One can see the sunrise and sunset there. One can move anywhere by bus from the capital city, Dhaka. You should keep in mind that October to February is the best time to visit Bangladesh. 

Anyway, please inform me before you set out so that I can receive you from the airport. I look forward to receiving you at the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. I am eagerly waiting for your arrival. 

No more today. Wish you good luck. 

Yours ever


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