Letter to someone advising not to smoke

Write a letter to younger brother advising him not to smoke.

Suppose you are Shamim of 8/3 Bailey Square, Dhaka. You have a younger brother, named Hasib. You came to know that he has become a chain-smoker. You want to bring home to hime the dangers of smoking and do advise him to give up this bad habit. 

8/3 Bailey Square, Ramna, Dhaka
25 January 2020

My dear Hasib,
I came to know that you been a chain-smoker. It might have known to you that smoking means taking slow poison to die. It is very injurious to health. A puff of smoke contains millions of particles which may cause cancer, blood pressure, loss of eye-sight. Nicotine in tobacco is very dangerous to your health. Your teeth and your fingers will be affected. You will also suffer from lack of oxygen in your blood resulting in respiration troubles. This respiration trouble might lead to asthma which is incurable. A chain-smoker can not sleep at night because of coughing. The smoker seldom reaches old age because he dies early because of serious consequences of smoking. So, I advise you to give up the bad habit of smoking. Do write by return of post how far you have succeeded in this regard. 

Thanking you,
Your loving brother

-------Same letter collected from another book-------

Imagine that you are Sajid. You came to know that your younger brother Mamun has started smoking. Now, write a letter to him forbidding smoking.


Dear Mamun,
I have not heard from you for a long time. I hope you are well. The other day, I learnt from one of your friends that you have become a chain smoker. You know smoking is harmful for health. It affects your health. It might cause some incurable diseases like cancer. heart attack, chronic bronchitis, etc. One puff of cigarette smoke contains millions of particles which are fatal to human health. It is, thus, equal to slow poisoning. beside, our parents do not like it. They might get furious when they will come to learn about it. I hope you will give up smoking for your safety. 

I believe that you will remember the advice and take a positive decision for the sake of the whole family. I am waiting for your letter which will relieve all of us of that big anxiety. No more today. 

With best wishes.

Your elder brother.
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