Letter to father explaining desire to study abroad

Write a letter to your father explaining why you desire to study abroad.

Suppose you are thinking of studying computer science. This subject is quite modern. But the facilities available in our country are not adequate, nor is the syllabus up to the mark. So, you intend to study the subject in an advanced country like the USA.

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Dear Father,
Your letter is to hand. I have learnt from it that you all are quite all right by the grace of Almighty Allah. You will be happy to hear that my result of HSC Examination is published and I am placed in the first division with three letters. Now I wish to study computer science. This subject is quite modern and it is better to study this subject in a scientifically developed country like the USA. Though it is possible to study this subject in my country, the latest facilities are not fully available in our country and moreover, the syllabus is not also up to date. So I want to study computer science in the USA.

Convey my regards to mother and love to the youngers.
Yours affectionately

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