Letter to describe last winter vacation

Write a letter to your friend ‘B’ describing how you have passed your last winter vacation.

Suppose, you spent your winter vacation in India. At first, you were at Murshidabad and then at Shantiniketan. Besides, you visited some other interesting place also. Your friend ‘B’ has wanted to know how you spent the winter vacation.

July 20, 2020

My dear ‘B’,
Your sweet note is just to hand. You wanted to know how I had passed my last winter vacation. I spent my winter vacation in India. I visited at first Murshidabad then Shantiniketan of Rabindranath Tagore. After 2 days in Shantiniketan, I Visited Birla Planetarium, the zoo, museum, metro rail, Botanical garden in Calcutta. There I was accompanied by my cousin but I missed you highly. However, I enjoyed my winter vacation very much.

More of it when we neet next with love,

Yours ever,


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