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Letter for giving details about job

Write a letter to your friend ‘D’ giving details of the job you have got.

Suppose, you had been searching for a job for the last few months. Now you have got the job of an English Teacher at a high school at Tejgaon. 

September 19, 2020

My dear ‘D’,
I have not heard from you for a long time. Hope you are going on well with your studies. ‘D’, you know that the financial condition of my family is not well and I had been searching for a job for a few months. Today you will be glad to know that I have got a job at the Hossain Ali School at Tajgaon. I have been appointed as an English Teacher. 

You know, I like this profession very much as it is a noble profession. I have been attending the classes for five days. I am satisfied with the students and colleagues, and, above all, about the standard and environment of the school. 

No more today. With love. 

Yours ever,

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