Letter to discuss for future study planning

Write a letter to your friend ‘S’ discussing the choice of subjects for future study.

Suppose, you are going to get admitted to a college. You have not to get finalised your selection of the subjects of study. You friend ‘S’ wants to know which subjects you have chosen. He says that he is also in a fix about this matter.

August 22, 2020

My dear ‘S’,
I am very glad to receive your letter. You have wanted to know where I am getting admitted and which subjects I have chosen. You have also mentioned that you are in a fix about this matter. I am also facing the same problem. But I have decided to get admitted to Narsingdi Govt. College, as it is not far from my house and the standard of education, is satisfactory. But I have not decided what I will have for third subject- English or Philosophy? I think English will be better than Philosophy. Because nowadays it is very important. What is your opinion? Please write to me soon.

How are your parents? Don’t forget to convey my compliments to your parents and love to your younger brother and sisters. With best wishes,

Yours ever
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