Paragraph : Self-Reliance


Self-reliance denotes that a man depends on himself and does not wait to be helped by others. A man who depends on others for doing his work or meeting his need can never be successful in life. Others may not be in a position to come forward with their helping hand neglecting their own duties. In that case, the man who depends on others will land into the wilderness of frustration. So the proverb goes, “Self-reliance is the best help.” One of the greatest virtues is, therefore, the habit of self-reliance. A man who does not depend upon other enjoys a sort of glorious independence. His attitude towards life is the attitude of a hero. He is a host in himself. Depending on his own resources, he accepts the challenge of life and devises the ways and means to solve his own problems. He is ever ready to take initiatives in the different spheres of life. He is always confident of overcoming his difficulties and finding a way that may lead him to his goal. Everybody should, therefore, develop the habit of self-reliance from the very childhood.
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