Paragraph : Rights And Duties

Rights And Duties

There are several rights and duties of a citizen. A man needs several basic human rights to live in a society. These are social rights, civil rights, political rights, cultural rights, religious rights, and economic rights. It is generally thought that every living person should have some common rights to satisfy the fundamental needs and human life. These are the freedom of opinion, security of life, right of citizenship, right of vote, right of education, and right of justice. Rights may be described as legally recognized privileges that are granted to a person for his proper physical, mental and spiritual growth and development towards the realization of his best self. A man can enjoy several social rights and perform several duties. Enjoyment of social rights imposes upon them some duties to the society in which they live. The first and foremost duty of a student is to learn his lesson regularly. An educated person can participate in many voluntary services in different spheres of our national life. Most of the people in our country are illiterate. They are not always aware of their social responsibilities and they utterly lack in civic consciousness. People can go to the village and tell the farmers about the importance of the scientific method of cultivation and manuring. People who are aware of the importance of family planning in our economic life can argue with masses in accepting the methods of population check. During the famine, epidemics, floods and other natural calamities, students can render services to the distressed. The most important duties of a citizen are loyalty to the state, obedience to the law, payment of taxes and participation in the act of defending the state. In fact, rights and duties are correlative.
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