Paragraph : Rickshaw-Free Dhaka

Rickshaw-Free Dhaka

Rickshaw-free Dhaka is a new plan for the government. The present government of Bangladesh has recently thought about introducing a fast and fair communication system in Dhaka city by removing the rickshaws from it. This plan of the government is undoubtedly admirable and praiseworthy. The transport system of Dhaka will be easy, speedy and comfortable if the rickshaw is withdrawn. Dhaka is the centre of all progressive developments in Bangladesh. If the communication system of Dhaka is not well and it is interrupted by rickshaw, reckless driving, and weak traffic control system, it will be a great disgrace for the nation. For those reasons many times traffic jam occurs in the city. Traffic jam is very disgusting and time killing. When traffic jam begins, we simply get stuck in one place and cannot move forward and backwards. The rickshaw from Dhaka, the authorities will have to think about taxi, maxi, and car for quick public transportation. But we cannot ignore the matter that a large number of rickshaw pullers will be unemployed if the rickshaw is really banned in the city and adequate employment opportunities must be opened up for them.
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