Paragraph : My Favourite Book

My Favourite Book

The ‘Treasure Islan’ by R. L. Stevenson is my favourite book. In fact, it is a great favourite with me. The hero of the book is a boy of thirteen. His name is Jim Hawkins. He accidentally happened to be in a treasure-hunting expedition. The treasure was hidden in a far-off lonely island by some pirates. Jim and his party, as well as a gang of pirates, were seeking for it. It is a long story of great struggles, adventures and heroic deeds. It is full of thrill and suspense as well as horrors and terrors. Jim, by his bravery, saved his friends from John Silver, the most dangerous pirate that ever lived. He was defeated by Jim. In the long run, he fled away in terror. Jim and his friends got the treasure and returned to England with their purses full of gold. When I find that the young hero wins over the forces of the evil I get a great pulsation of joy and delight. The author knows the magic of holding the young people spell-bound in it.

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