Paragraph : Love of Power

Love of Power

Love of power is inherent in every human being. It is the instinct of everyone to climb up the top in position and power. There is no other passion in the world which is so universal as the love of power. Man always hankers after power. Power is the source of all strength. Man tries his best to achieve it. However, the excess of desire for power often leads to disaster. But people always rush after this power. Sometimes a whole nation or society is maddened by this passion. It tries to swallow smaller and weaker neighbours. This ambition for power is predominant in the politicians and high officials. The person who has this love of power turns to be a self-centred man in the long run. Without power, he can think of nothing. Sometimes, even he forgets his relatives hankering after the money and power. Love of power is an addiction. He, who has once got the touch of this addiction always keeps the tendency to run after it. But the means followed by the people to get more power are not always fair and honest. Adopting betrayal, cheating, opportunism, people often achieve power. People who once get power do not want to leave it easily. But the love of power cannot be denounced always. Power can also be used for good purposes. When power is obtained by legitimate means and exercised judiciously delivering good to the people, it is a boon. Every man desires to get more power just to have more authority. But if the people use it for a noble reason, it is good; but if it is used for the sake of evil way it is a curse. So only in cases where power is used for noble purposes, love of power can be appreciated as a very noble passion.
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